Monday, February 25


"Celadon" glazed cup from my electric kiln

I am learning to take photographs of my work. This is actually quite difficult for someone not trained in photographing small shiny objects. There is a special paper to use for the graduated background behind the piece (have you ever paid almost 40$ for a 2x3 foot piece of paper-now I have).

(detail of clay handle made to resemble wood)

After pricing photography lights I improvised my own by taking two eight dollar clamp lights and duct taping them to two inexpensive camera tripods (total cost per light about 18 dollars versus about 150 dollars). This actually works pretty well because I can control the height and angle of the light. To diffuse the light I taped parchment paper over the ends. Voila! They aren't as pretty as the other ones but they do the job. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

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