Monday, April 16

Here's your Christmas card!!!!

So I did something funny the other day. I posted this photo here that you see-on Facebook. And I often go back the next day to look at them again (maybe see if someone said something, or just to remind myself of how super creative and special I am ;) and it's a good thing I did this time, cause...the photo you see now is a new re-edited version of the one I posted. The one I posted, upon taking a second look, realized I could clearly see my breast in all it's spectacular 46 year old glory, poking around behind Rich's arm. So if you ever watched Seinfeld and thought it unrealistic that Elaine would inadvertantly send out christmas cards with her nipple exposed...think again! It is indeed possible. Thought this photo was cool though, cause of the way he moved his hand during the shot it seems to melt into my face.

Sunday, April 15

Nothin bout nothin

Here's an impulsive little post, and then I might just disappear for another year or so again! Last postings I was applying to grad schools....uh yah....kinda went another direction for various reasons. I need a bona fide job-the kind I can pay bills and support myself with, and still have enough money left to occasionally do other stuff-like have fun or something-so I am in my last semester of school training to be a massage therapist. Can't exactly say it's a life time dream come true, but it's been pretty good. Met some great people, and I'm told I have a knack. We'll see if that translates into $$ someday! Someday soon hopefully, I will have the money, time and DEDICATION, to pursue some clay work and writing, if for nothing else than an artistic/creative pursuit. We'll see! Still peek in occasionally to see what everyone is up to, and hope all are well!