Thursday, October 29


So tonight it's Starbucks. I hate coming in here. I feel a little like I'm selling a piece of my independent soul, and here in Portland, where supporting local independent business is like a religion I feel like I should have a hoodie with glasses on so no one sees me through the window. Problem is there was this big architecture gathering going on at the local shop I like across the street and too much chattering. So I'm slumming it here. The thing I hate about Starbucks is that they make it such an ordeal to get online. I mean this is a major company. It is doubtful that they are loosing too much money to freeloaders who just come in and suck the internet for free. I've never seen anyone sitting at their computer without some kind of beverage in hand in any of the other coffee shops that just let you hop right on. I think they want our personal info so they can attack us with their coffee propaganda. So what I do, out of spite, is give them a bogus phone number, my junk email address which I never check, and a fake name and address. My fake name is Autumn Woods, and my fake address is 1 Heaven St. Let that be our little secret.

Tuesday, October 27

Plastic snakes

Oh my gosh. For the hell of it I thought I would check my blog again tonight. I am at NorthStar Music Cafe. They have internet, coffee, wine, beer and music. The five essentials of life. I was quite surprised-pleasantly so-to find that my last post had been read. Funny, when you think you are dead and gone. I actually have a clay related event to write about.

They are digging up some holes out back where I work and I go outside today and all around these holes are this damp, grey-ish dirt. I'm like: that's clay! So I scooped a little up, only about a tablespoon, went inside and after adding a few drops off water and smashing it together a bit had a piece of useable clay. It was surprisingly plastic. Could bend a snake in half without so much as a crack. I think I will photograph it tomorrow and put up a photo of the little pinch pot I made with it.

So the studio is officially in storage. The house finally sold about two months ago and my Aunt and Uncle were kind enough to let me store my stuff in a spot in their furniture factory (Allen-Richardson). Really great furniture. I think when they saw the six to eight foot high, 10x12-ish space my stuff occupied when they came into the shop the next day they were probably a bit surprised. I still need to buy them some booze to thank them. Well, I'm trying to do some research so should probably go. Great to hear from everyone.