Saturday, March 29

25 lbs!

This is me standing next to what I intend to be the bowl of a birdbath. At 25 lbs. it is probably the biggest thing I have ever thrown. Between wedging the clay-three, 8 lb. pieces which I threw on top of each other, and the throwing itself It took me about an hour and 15 minutes. The largest piece of time probably being centering and pushing the mass down into a disk to begin throwing. My wrists and elbows were killing me when I was through. Tomorrow I plan on
making another one, using the same amount of clay but will try to get it bigger. I didn't get the base quite wide enough on this one so was limited to how far I could bring it out. I'll post a picture in a few weeks when it is finished.

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nick friedman said...

Nice looking bowl, Deb.........And I've never thought of ribbing the inside with my stomach. That's great!