Monday, March 24

Visions in White

teapot in "leatherhard" stage

I've been sampling some porcelain clays. I am testing Laguna 365, Laguna Frost and Laguna B-mix 5. The B-mix an 365 threw and trimmed really well. 365 really seemed to be able to stand up to a lot of abuse.

spoons with stoneware "branch" handles and porcelain bowls

I've heard Frost is supposed to be really beautiful when it is fired, and it better be fabulous to win me over because it threw really unevenly and trimmed horribly for me. Also, it is almost a dollar a lb (compared to roughly 35-45 cents for most porcelains). If I were really happy with it I would be happy to pay the extra. We'll see when it is fired.

army of cups ready for battle in the kiln

I am most concerned however with the appearance of the fired clay. All the white clays I have tested to date looked "underdone" in their fired state. I am looking for a white clay that looked completely mature at its temperature. 365 is supposed to have parian qualities, which means it resembles marble, so I am looking forward to seeing it.

test kiln with test bowls and teapots

The orangy teapot is in my test kiln which I fired yesterday. The little white cups are test pots. There is another layer with another teapot and more test cups.

sexy teapot

There is teapot show April 3 at my supplier Portland Pottery, so I am trying to get a teapot ready in time for the show. I will post a picture if I get one worthy of the show.

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