Sunday, April 20

Fire Day

This is one of my favorite teapots so far. It is pretty big. I think I used four pounds of clay throwing it. (See later post for Thursday June 26 for finished pot)

Piece from teacup set to go with pot.

Sugar bowl.


Triangle plate.

It has been almost a week since my last post, so while I don't have any new pots from the kiln yet to photograph, thought I would jot a quick line. I am firing today and did a lot of glaze combo tests. For the tests I glazed the inside of the pots with one glaze, the outside with another, and sometimes a third on the rim area. This is far more time consuming but also potentially far more interesting. It was amazingly stress free due to the fact that I remained very organized about the process. As I glazed I wrote the glazes used and in what order on a scrap of paper and stuck it in the cup. This saved a lot of confusion so I wasn't trying to remember what glaze I used on what pot already (some glazes look very similar in their unfired states). There will still be a considerable amount of detective work trying to match the pots to their respective scraps of paper when they come out of the kiln so I can record what glazes did what. I should have photos of some new pots hopefully in a couple of days. Keep my fingers crossed.

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