Thursday, May 1

Spermy spoon

I wish I had more photos to put up . . . but I just don't. What I do have is good news however. My last firing was generally REALLY GOOD. I am really excited (I wanted to use the word phyced but not sure about the spelling) about things. It is taking me FOREVER to glaze my pots, but I am finally getting some results that satisfy me. It is certainly not the end of the road, but the beginning to a good direction now. I am firing again next Monday, and promise to take some photos and put them up as soon as possible. My jury appointment is next Friday, May 9, so that is my priority now, and photos will have to wait. It is amazing to finally have work that I don't want to throw in one of my THREE junk buckets of pots. But I have a lot of shards for some mosaic work someday, so a positive there too. So long for now.

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