Monday, July 7

Knife Skills 101

This is a completely non-pottery post. It's about another lesson in survival skills from my husband Adam. Adam used to be a Marine, which means in his mind he is still a Marine. As a result he has a lot of information in his head about what to do in the event of an attack. I don't even remember how this came up yesterday morning, but next thing I know he is up and giving me a demonstration in how to defend myself in the event of a knife attack and how to do my attacking more efficiently. This is not just his idea by the way, he actually took a class in the Marines called Knife Skills 101. This is about the fifth, sixth, twentieth, I don't know, survival lesson I have had by the way. I'd like to say that I appreciate it and that they will come in handy, because I'm sure this knowledge would benefit me if I could only remember the other lessons. But if I am involved in a knife fight within the next few weeks, while this information is fresh in my mind, I think I will be a formidable opponent. If I just remember to lead with my other arm (to protect my good throwing arm) and keep my knife close to my body . . .

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