Friday, August 15

Covered jars and tooth fairys

Here are five of the eleven jars I hoped to finish today. I've got a little spiral thing going on which I like. It's slip on the pot after it was trimmed, and I'm just hoping there are no unseemly cracks as it drys. You may be wondering, "why does she make so many covered jars? What's up with that?" The reason is that I have avoided it for so long because it was, well, you know, difficult. Making the lids and all that. So I have been pushing myself to become comfortable and good at it. I was focusing on pots with galleries for a while,and now I am trying a flange lid.

I put a little sgraffito (I don't know how to spell that) on a few tiny jars.

My daughter gave me this little jar once that had some perfumed creamy stuff in it, and I saw the jar today and thought it might be a good item to make for all the small spaces (good and faster than my tiny jars). I am thinking that they are tooth fairy jars. I'm going to get some corks and we'll see how they sell. If they don't sell well, I will most likely never make tooth fairy jars again.

Well, I guess that's about it. I don't have the mental energy to write much more lately. Oh, some exciting news. Tomorrow morning I will open up mug test #4 firing. It has a little of that blue in it. Also, a little surprise, so stay tuned.


Michael Kline said...

Love the little tooth pots. I didn't even think about the marketing angle until someone gave my six year old a tooth fairy box! Maybe if they're successful you could try making pots for old folks' dentures. hehehe

brandon phillips said...

i saw your conversation with ron about mixing clay and i thought i would throw in my 2 cents. i use pretty much the same method except i use a 55gal trash barrel(brute) and i use a heavy duty drill with a sheetrock mixer in it. easier than the hoe method but not as hands off as rons "hi-tech" blunger & sump pump. it mixes 200 dry pounds in about 15-20 minutes. much easier than a clay mixer and much better clay. any way will work as long as you're mixing and getting the particles wet.

Judy Shreve said...

The covered jars look great. I think the flanged lid is the most difficult -- getting all the proportions right. Yeah for pushing through the challenge.
The little jars with the slip/sgraffito look cool too. I'm looking forward to seeing the blue from your tests. And how intriguing -- a surprise?
My bisque is loaded so I'll mix up some test glazes for trying early next week.

Deborah Woods said...

Micheal-A denture cup. I think that is a piece of pottery I have never seen before! I have seen pots with hinges made of pottery or wood, it could be interesting to make a cup for dentures or whatever with a cover like that.

Brandon-Thanks for the additional info. I imagine other than using a sump pump, that the way to get the slip out is to scoop or with help lift the bucket and pour? I guess there's no way getting around it being really physical work. I guess I'll get really strong!

Hi Judy-I know there is more than one way to do a flange lid, and I think I chose the easiest for these. I threw the covers as flat discs, and when they were leather hard, then trimmed the flange into them and neatened everything up. With a deep flange, as I would need for a teapot say, I think I would be better off throwing it to shape.

My surprise was a bust.

brandon phillips said...

yeah, i just use a large plastic mixing bowl and transfer the slop to the racks. its not too bad.

cynthia said...

What a great idea! My daughter has lost all her baby teeth now, but in the past when she did lose a tooth, we stuck it in a tooth fairy pillow that my grandmother made for me when I was a kid.

A pot would have been awesome though to set on a night stand instead of digging under her pillow for the tooth pillow hoping she wouldn't wake up. When she used to lose a tooth at school, the nurse would give her a little plastic treasure chest to take it home in - same idea but not nearly as pretty as your jars.

Deborah Woods said...

Even worse is that I would often forget and only remember in the morning and go crawling into their room, trying not to wake them while the sun is shining brightly. I was bagged more than once, and sadly on more than one occasion my poor kids would announce to me that the tooth fairy never came. How sad is that?