Tuesday, August 26

Just Words

I have this pet peeve. It centers around people acting and saying things that imply that making pottery isn't really work. It's become such a pet peeve, that I don't tolerate it anymore. Someone says something, I say something back. I know they probably don't intend for their comments to offend, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be called to task and perhaps learn a little bit more about life.

Subject: yesterdays comment

"So, are you still working, working (said twice) or are you just doing the pottery thing now?"

Is this making anyone elses hair stand up like it did mine?

My response: "Well, I still consider it working, working (said twice) but yes I'm making pottery full time now".

Subtle, but direct in its' own way. Oh, if I kept a book. One of my favorites starts with this:

" . . . it must be nice . . ."


Joy Tanner said...

Oh, yes I totally agree. Another one is, "You must be so happy just to make things all day, that's what it's all about." Gag.
It's good to let people be aware of the reality behind the work, playing in the mud ain't always easy, it just looks it.

Judy Shreve said...

Oh Deborah -- it's a pet peeve of mine too! Why do folks think we aren't working? In fact I was amazed at how hard it is - physically & emotionally -- to be a potter. Those folks should try it for a week.

Deborah Woods said...

I think writers must have to live with the same assumptions about their job-that it's not really a job. I would imagine that a lot of people say things to them as well that start with "it must be nice..." I'm sure people don't mean to be insulting, but it definitely comes across that way sometimes.

Michael Kline said...

They may not intend to be insulting with such comments, but more than likely, their comments reveal their perception of our careers. Admittedly I make assumptions about other careers that are pretty stereotypical, i.e. lawyers, doctors, electricians. I think a lot of the time we just can't comprehend each others work?

Deborah Woods said...

You mean that lawyers, doctors and electricians are crooks? You mean that's not true? Oh no, the reality I exist in has just come crashing down.(Just kidding to anyone married to one of "them").

Yah, I'm sure they don't intend to be insulting. If I didn't hear is SO MUCH it might not grate on me like it does. It's funny, because this last person to say this to me, now works from home as a tax accountant and it never would occur to me to say, 'so are you still work working, or just doing your tax thing?'. Maybe it is just the creative fields.

Michael Kline said...

HaHa, leave it to me to try to mince words. I appreciate your directness and strive for it myself.

Linda Starr said...

Boy, that 'working' comment got my dander up too. My husband works in a mine and drives a big rig on the highway to the plant and folks say to him all the time "boy you've got it made, you just sit there all day long" Yeah, he just sits there and tries to make sure he doesn't kill the ignorant(stupid) drivers who pull out in front of him, slam on their brakes in front of him, or cut him off when he's trying to manuever 80,000 pounds out of their way safely. I guess there are lots of professions that seem easy till you learn exactly what is involved with that job. Art seems to be the brunt more often than not though.