Saturday, August 9

Mug test #1

These cups above are the fired results of my first test the other day. I arranged them in the same order as the photo from the last firing. I think in the future I might post the images together. In fact, I will do it now. So, below are the mugs again glazed and unfired. Interestingly enough, the fired results are very similar to when they are raw glazed. I have never worked with glazes before that so closely resemble their fired result. It's a little wierd, but helpful in a way. I had a few interesting results. Nothing spectacularly successful, but I'm going to get there slowly but surely as they say

Well, that's about it I guess. I'm going to the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen Fair tomorrow. It's a nine day long fair and tomorrow is the last day. I'm going for research really. I want to check out how all the potters set up their booths and such. I have never done a fair and hope to do this one next year as well as a couple of others, so I need to start preparing.

This fair cost a LOT to enter. First you have to be a member of the League, which I am, and to do the entire 9 days it's 2,000 dollars. Yes, three zeros. You can choose to do four or five days for 1,000. It's a pretty big investment, but with the potential of a huge return. It's very heavily attended and if I'm ready by then, hopefully I'll do well. Never know not trying. This fair is the oldest craft fair in the country by the way.

Below is my second test set waiting to be fired. I can only fit 7 mugs in the test kiln, so I think one has to wait. I've already learned a thing or two on what to do and not do, so hopefully this set will be better than the last and so on.


Judy Shreve said...

I think your glazes came out great. I love the mugs. Are you firing ^6 oxidation? Is it a dark clay body - white slip with some brushwork?

Deborah Woods said...

Hi Judy, I do fire to cone 6 in oxidation. I have begun using some white slip, although none of these cups has any.The white you see with the leaf is my white glaze under another glaze. My clay is somewhat dark. Very earthy. I'll try and post a photo of raw clay. I am in the process of beginning to try making samples of clay however because although I love the color and density of this clay, the plasticity leaves something to be desired. Thanks for the nice comment.

Judy Shreve said...

When I was first 'stuck' at ^6 after being in a community that fired gas/reduction, I was so disappointed in my glaze opportunities -- but now I only want to fire at ^6 ox. And you have achieved a beautiful palette using electric. I know it takes more work -- but are you happy with ^6?
And I had an idea on your handle that collapsed after dipping in the slip -- can you apply wax to just the handle to give it some stability while it dries? If you want to apply more glaze to that area then the wax could be a problem. Just a thought.

Patricia Griffin said...

Looking good Deborah!

Deborah Woods said...

Thanks Patricia!

Deborah Woods said...

I guess I'm a bit unusual in that I don't feel that by firing to cone 6 in oxidation I'm limiting myself, although I do feel it's more challenging than firing in reduction to say cone 10. It was probably easier for me, although still a lot of work and experimenting, to produce successful pots in reduction, because there are no magic fire fairies in an electric kiln. I've never really seen what the big deal is. We're only talking about a 150 degree difference in temperature, the atmosphere as you know is really the big difference.

The only thing I am really itching to get into is soda firing. I absolutely love it, but I still plan on firing to cone 6 in oxidation pretty much even with soda. I'm curious to see what the glazes I have now might do in that atmosphere although I'm sure I'll want to work more with slips then and use glazes more as a highlight and liners. I'll probably have to change my body. As much as I want to do soda, I'm reluctant to jump in yet just because I've invested so much experimentation in my current direction. But I would bet before the end of next year I'll be at least beginning some testing.