Saturday, September 6

Diggin' it

Here's a little jar. This is the same glaze combo as the small plate I put up a few days ago. I really like this combo together, which is good because I have a five gallon bucket full of the lighter glaze because I was trying to make half that much, but made it way to thin, and so to fix it I made another batch of dry and mixed together.

I hope I didn't already post this plate. I guess I'll find out in a minute. A little ring action going on. Diggin' it.

I just don't really have anything else much to say. I'll be spending the next three work days glazing again, firing on Thursday. I have enough bisque that I think I can get two more firings, and then it's back to making pots again.


Patricia Griffin said...

Really like these pieces. The breaking of glaze at the top edge of the jar, the color combinations, the pattern around the plate... And two more firings to come! Hope all goes well!

Deborah Woods said...

Thanks Patricia. I'm having a lot of fun. I just hope that people are going to buy this work. I'll find out soon enough!

Judy Shreve said...

I don't think you'll have any problems selling your work ! : > )

Judy Shreve said...

Deborah - I just read your comments on Cynthia's page. We could be sisters - ha! I'm an Air Force brat - moved constantly. My husband & I have moved quite a bit too. I'm also a liberal democrat with some republican views. And I love NPR for the same reasons you mentioned! I'm actually pretty worried about this upcoming presidential election. :>(

Judy Shreve said...

I think your photos look good. The black is a little more washed out. And you are very smart to start investigating filters. Just your description of the book makes my head hurt! lol. Last year for Xmas I got that EZ cube & some boom lights. I had made a box and draped muslin over it prior to that. My husband put our shop lights on dimmers so I could control the light a little. Then I used white foam core as a 'bounce.'
But now taking photos is much easier with my table top set-up. (

It's going to be quiet around the blogs with everyone going to the clay conference at Arrowmont. We'll have to make a lot of noise.

Deborah Woods said...

That's awesome. I checked into the EZ cube and then decided to make my own. Next time I photograph I'm going to post a photo of my setup. It was really cheap for me to make my light tent- however it took me most of a day I think, so theoretically it might have made more sense just to buy one. Every time I photograph my shots get better-I'm learning a little every time.