Tuesday, September 16

Oh special day

So after my pity party yesterday I decided to throw big for a while. I worked on a few platter/bowls. The sides of the first two collapsed resulting in them being much smaller than intended, and also inspiring a trip to the hardware store this morning to look for a heat gun or larger torch. I managed to save the third full size, which is still on my wheel. They range in diameter from 14", 16", and 19".

When I throw large I use these plaster bats which elevate the surface above my splashpan and slop goes flying everywhere. Daisy was standing nearby watching me work and I look over and this is what she looked like. She was obviously in the line of fire, but I didn't hear her protesting. She had it all over the back of her neck as well. She looked pretty funny.

Well, I have some fantastic news I think I will share. This morning, after rubbing the sleepies from my eyes (better than yesterdays tears) I received an mail from my father Dennis. He thought that maybe I could use a Peter Pugger? Can I ever! I've been eyeballing this baby for years! I am beyond excited about this for reasons I don't have to explain to any potters out there. These large bowls were all made from reclaim clay and it was torturous wedging it as it was too hard, and I spent a great deal of time spraying water on it, and wedging forever trying to get all the air out. My reclaim is almost porous it is so full of air, and I am going to get a vacuuming mixer/pugger, so now, my reclaim will be de-aired and those two huge buckets of dry clay, and the third I've started, will finally get recycled as I have no reason to put it off now. And when I start making my own clay this will just be fantastic to have. So a good start to my day. If all goes well, assuming they are in stock he might ship it to me on Friday. Thank you so much Dad!


Judy Shreve said...

Look at poor Daisy! lol She wears her clay well.

Wow ! What a great dad -- a peter pugger. You are going to be so happy with your clay now.

I thought I left a message yesterday - sometimes I hit 'return' and the comment goes away -- anyway -I love your plate. I love everything about it - the colors, the design choices - all of it. I think you are really on a good path. And I would think your sales are going to be good this holiday. Your stuff is so cheerful - and goodness knows we need more cheerful in this world today!

Deborah Woods said...

Hi Judy, she really did look quite silly. It's funny, because she has no idea she looks silly, which makes it seem all the more silly to me.

Thank you for the nice comment on the plate. I am quite happy with it as well. I love this combo. I never would have foreseen it but surprising where your taste and style takes you.

I am so grateful for the Pugger gift. He has been very helpful and supportive with my pottery. Sometimes with a nice, much needed gift like this, and often with good advice. I know if I start pitying myself I will get solid, helpful advice, or a nice dose of reality along the lines of snap out of it-that's life and you gotta deal with it-which is also good advice, and both are needed sometimes.

Linda Starr said...

You've got a really great dad, you are so lucky. I am happy for you.