Thursday, September 25

Square casseroles

I've been playing around with making square casseroles. I made them without bottoms and attached slab bottoms. The handles were intensely time consuming until I got the hang of it, and by the seventh one I had a good feel for what I wanted and how to get it.

I threw some more to work on today, but I threw them with the bottoms in. I have seen others make squares from pots with bottoms, but when I pushed the sides in the bottom bunched and puckered up inside. Maybe there's something I don't know. So I ended up cutting the bottoms out and will finish them today, probably with a different style handle.

I didn't sleep well last night, so I'm way too tired to try to write anything interesting, so that's all for now.


Hannah said...

I like the squares, much neater than mine.

brandon phillips said...

when you squish them they have to have a thick bottom to keep from buckling. ron could tell you more, he does them all the time. you should ask him about his briscoe-board-squish-technique.

i make mine without a bottom. for the oval ones i used to throw fat discs of clay with a pronounced swirl and then throw it down like a slab to elongate it and end up with an oval swirl, it was neat.

Deb said...

Thanks Hannah. Actually, I have you to thank for getting me going making some squares. I keep meaning to, and not too long ago you put up a post and you had a photo with a square which got the idea going in my head again. I liked it a lot, it inspired me!

Brandon, you know, my bottoms may not have been thick enough, plus they are about 9" across, so maybe there is a size limit to doing them like that. I actually did use two boards to sqish them, and I did get the idea from Ron's blog. I NEVER would have thought of that on my own, but it works great. I love the idea of stretching a disc like that. I saw an article once, but have never tried it. I think I will now.