Sunday, October 12

Race and Music

Just me, kinda checkin in with ya folks. I don't want to keep Joe six-pack wondering what I've been up do, dont-cha-know? (That's my Palin impression there).

So last night I did some volunteer work. It was quite boring I can tell you. But, work that needed to be done. I'm going to try and go back this week some night. I did overhear something disturbing. You might remember if you've been following my post about puking and politics and the comments, that I mentioned that I had heard that some people have come right out and said that they will not vote for Obama because he is black. I sadly overheard a conversation last night from one of the canvasers (the ones who are out knocking on doors). He said this woman, who usually votes Democrat, said she just can't do it this time. "That America just isn't ready for a black president". What is this? Some new secret code of racism? By lumping yourself in with the nation, and assigning responsibility for your biases, to the nation, that this is now what, a statement of logic instead of a statement of intolerance and racism? Why can't she just say-there's no way I'm voting for a black guy for president-. That's what she meant. American isn't ready-what the f... does that say about our country if it is true anyway? And why would anyone want to support the perpetuation of that mentality? There is so much hatred out there. Obama is potentially making a huge sacrifice, as is his family. I fear that if he wins, that his presidency won't last for long. And that's a sad, sad, sad commentary on this nation.

So, on a lighter subject, I forgot to mention that I've played out at a couple of open mics this week. It's been a few months maybe since I had, and I don't play enough anymore, so I get really rusty, but it's always such a great feeling to get up there. Thursday night I played three songs that I wrote ... and a Jewel song. I'm almost embarassed to write that. Chick music, I know. I would like to play three songs I've never played out next week and so I'm working on: Landslide, This is the Life, and Closer to Fine. I'll let you know how it goes!


Tracey Broome said...

So cool that you are out there playing music. I took Wesley to Guitar Center with her drummer,Matt, who now wants a guitar. They hung around the store playing for a couple of hours. The guys that work there were so cool about letting them play. Wes picked up a twelve string and it sounded so sweet. I love girls that rock! I was in such a funk last week, I have turned off the radio and TV in favor of making and trimming pots and listening to music-so much better.

Judy Shreve said...

I'm pretty disgusted with the political mess too. I agree. When someone says the US isn't ready for a black president - it only means that person isn't ready. This country is so diversified - we need a leader who sees everyone as equal. I'm appalled at what's being said at some of the republican rallies.

I remember you saying you played guitar but I didn't realize you performed as well - good for you!

And your grandson is really cute!

Deb said...

Tracey-12 strings have such an awesome sound. I had an old boyfriend-well, he wasn't old, but old as in the past, that gave me a twelve string. The neck was all warped. I meant to have it fixed, then lost it in a big fire we had about 12 years ago. That was interesting. We had been hanging out with friends and drinking wine, and about 2 or 3 in the morning my neighbor comes pounding on our door yelling-YOUR SHED'S ON FIRE!! We go running out and this shed, which was about 20x24 feet, is engulfed in flames; shooting probably 60 feet into the air. It was bizarre, standing there, remembering, piece by piece, all the things that were in there burning. A beautiful dollhouse my first husband had made for our daughter, my kickwheel I had built, skis, and the twelve string, amongst many, many other things. They do have a great full sound though don't they? I'm not sure that I rock, I think I play despite the fact that I probably shouldn't-simply due to a desire to not let life pass me by. I should turn off my radio, but I am addicted to the news. I am a political junkie as they say.

Judy-you know, Obama may not be perfect-who is. But I truly believe he is sincere and honest. He may not have all the answers but I believe he genuinely wants to discover them.

Judy Shreve said...

What I like Obama is he seems calm & intelligent. And that would be a welcome change!

Linda Starr said...

Hi Deborah, How wonderful you play music. What about a you tube of your music for your blog? Would love to hear.

Your grandson is adorable.

Deb said...

I agree Judy. He's not going to be a savior for the country, but I do believe he is honest and sincere and intelligent and will truly try to represent the people.

Um Linda, just because I play out sometimes, doesn't necessarily mean that I should. I'm not sure I want to shatter anyones image of me yet, and listening to me playing and singing might cause a few grimaces. maybe sometime though.