Saturday, November 15


Well, my two low stonepools have developed s-cracks on the inside. Bummer. I kinda liked them. Sooo hard to keep the faith sometimes. Working for free is not my thing. Speaking of working. I'm thinking about getting another job for a while. I need some money. Absolutely sick of not having any and would like to be able to be a little more self-reliant. I answered this ad for this production pottery in Dover. I should have checked the map first, cause it's an hour 1/2 drive from here. He said it pays really well though. The company is like 30 years old or something. Salmon Falls. I used to have a little soap pump of theirs. We'll see. Gotta go pick up the little gran-boy soon. I am noticeably improved in health today. Just a lot more of hacking up of unmentionables. I got into my studio but used the time to finish insulating. God I hate doing that. But at least it's done now. I kinda like this posting without photos thing, but, I will put some up when I have some new work. I think we're going to see the new James Bond flick tomorrow. Always good to have something to look forward to in my wretched life ... just kidding ... kind of.

6 comments: said...

f'n cracks, the bain of potterhood. i feel you pain.

Linda Starr said...

I suspect there are many reluctant to admit their bare pocket books in this economy (I being one of them, with health issues to boot) but please don't give up on your pottery and stonepools as they are all wonderful.

Judy Shreve said...

Why don't you melt some glass in the bottom - might just fill the crack. I hate to see you have to get a job but a production pottery could be skill building. I've heard so many potters look back on their production pottery days as beneficial

Deborah Woods said...

Hi there everyone-you know, I am reluctant to melt glass because of how it is cracked without annealing, but in this case I think it might just work. Thanks for the idea.

cookingwithgas said...

DARN! I know it feels like an insult. I hate when you are not looking and the pots misbehave.
About a job- is there anything in the pottery industry closer to you?
Is it worth the drive?
Working else where has its advantages. It might teach you more of what you do or do not want to make.
It will teach skills and sometimes disciple.
I have always thought that is hard to come out of an environment of learning with lots of feed back and fellow students and throw your self into an isolated environment. I found it harder then Mark did when we first started.
When I was working over in Star after 3 weeks I was dreading going there.
No window for a view, no one to talk to right next to me. It was getting to me.
I am much happier back here even though we are not finished.
Good luck- we all wrestle with these things.

Kip said...

Hi Deborah -- Oh man, that is sad news about the cracks in the stonepools, I have really been enjoying the progress of those pieces. I have a recent post of a fully decorated plate that I managed to smash (of course I had five together and it was the ONLY decorated one and the ONLY one that broke -- grrrr). But, the good thing was when I remade the plate, I actually liked it even better. So, maybe with all the things you've learned making the first stonepools the next will come through crack-free.

I hear you about needing a paying job. I love the lifestyle that clay offers, but I find it hard to come by a consistent income. With gas prices dropping the production pottery job you found may actually be worth the drive. What a great way to practice your throwing skills, too!

Good luck with everything (and many thanks for your comments on my blog!).