Saturday, November 22

No name post 2

So I did another test firing. This one I poured the slip into the bisqued cups. I need to find out if this is doable since I have a bit of bisque. I filled the cups up with water first to premoisten the cups. I was hoping for less cracking that way. Overall it worked well. Only a few of them have small cracks in the slip. I think I will thin the slip a little and premoisten a little more. Glazing these was so stress free. It was nice for a change. I need to get a regular firing done and some of this work out to the shops to see if it sells. I am worried they might be potters pots, as the saying goes. Experimenting a little with the glaze thickness. They are a little darker and towards orangy with a thinner application-which I like. Also, the glaze goes very orange over the white slip, so need to check that out. I am going to try spraying some slip on the outside of the next tests in a random, uneven way to see if it makes the outside more interesting. Below are a few beads I squeezed into the firing. I wear this bead, shaped like the long oval ones below that sais HOPE and I macramed it onto some cord. I get sooo many compliments and two offers to buy it off my neck, so thought I might try and make some to sell. Later gaters.


Judy Shreve said...

These look good. I have a friend at ACW who does sculptural handbuilding - large pieces - pretty fabulous & they are priced high. But she makes most of her money making jewelry. She doesn't make just beads but handbuilds layers and then finishes them with oxide washes & a little underglaze highlights. They are quick fabulous & a real money maker.

Linda Starr said...

Hi Deborah, I like how the upper edge of the cup is a lighter color. Is the turquoise a colored slip? Love the colors on your pendants and the stamped words, particularly the ones that look like stones. I make beads and pendants too. I want to use some of my pendants to make mobiles and wind chimes. Can't wait to see how your sprayed slip experiments come out.

Deborah Woods said...

I am thinking that beads might be a good money maker as well and a great filler for small spaces in the kiln. Linda the blue glaze is over a white slip. If I put it right on the dark clay I have then it looks kind of nasty.