Tuesday, November 11

Sniffles and Sneakers

Well, I just want to thank everyone who left a comment on my last post. I feel really lucky to have such great virtual friends. Thanks to everyone else for your encouraging words on other days and those who just take the time to read what I put up every day. I took Jeff's advice, put on several layers, my sneakers and went for a ride. A no pressure ride. Threw my backpack on my shoulders, headed to the grocery store for tea and napkins. My next stop was the local healthfood store where I put in my order for a free range turkey for Thanksgiving. Then I stopped at the coffee shop and enjoyed a nice tepid cup of chai tea. So I got a little exercise and had a little guilt free R&R. I'm not well though. Headache, sniffles, sneezes and sore throat. Not exactly helping my energy level. But I HAVE to trim some bowls I threw the other day and unload my bisque, wipe it down and wax it. If I can accomplish those two goals then I will deem my workday successful. This morning when I woke up I was in bad shape and instantly ruled out my yoga tonight, but I think I'm feeling up to it now; plus I think it will be good for my cold and mind.

Oh, about these pots. These two pieces were in my scrap pile for at least a year. I went digging through the piles this summer and came across them. I originally hated them. I had a preconceived idea of what they were supposed to look like. I slipped the pots so this "celadon" I use would look blue against the white of the slip. They came out blotchy and drippy and rough looking. When I saw them this time, I saw them in a different light. So it's got me thinking about revisiting this idea. Oh, the M stamp on the side is because I originally called my pottery Mad Mud Pottery. I still can't settle on what I should name it, or if I even should. I maybe should just be Deborah Woods Pottery. Who knows.


Michael Kline said...

Hi Deborah. I'm sorry to read the last couple of posts from you that things were not so great. I'm glad you got on your bike, getting out always helps me shake the blues. The celadon is really nice and makes me want to do a reduction wood firing with maybe some porcelain, I don't know, I'm already pretty spread out. I always with great interest and appreciate the story you are telling. I hope you will continue your no nonsense straight talk. It's refreshing and I look forward to it.

Joy Tanner said...

Hey Deborah, I've been feeling down myself the past few days, maybe something's going around. It's usual, though...the ups and downs, glad you got out for some fresh air and a spot of tea. Anything to help get you out of your own head.

Deborah Woods said...

Thanks Joy and Michael. I really appreciate everyone's concern. I am feeling a little better-now if I can just shake this cold.