Sunday, December 14

Thinking of warm and fuzzy things

Hello everybody. Still in sometimes sunny California. I heard the East had a fantastic ice storm. Adam's boss put them up in a hotel room so they wouldn't have to drive home (it's an hour drive down curvy back roads on a sunny day). He said all the trees are coated in glass. Nothing is coated in glass here. Although . . . there is the strange to me happening of wrapping Christmas lights around palm trees. I'm used to seeing lights going everywhere, snaking all over branches of real, you know, trees? It's kind of like someone wrapped lights around a paper towel roll and stuck some fluffy stuff on top. It's uh, interesting.

So I neglected to mention that the house where my father lives is on the beach. Here are a few shots from the back window. Oh the misery of it all. He keeps saying that he's going to sell the house, but he's been saying that for years. One of these days perhaps and who knows, this could be my last visit with an ocean in the backyard. I am missing my home though. Not my physical home, although it will be nice to be back in my own environment. But I think I am just a New England girl at heart. This is a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't . . . oh, you know how that goes. It will be nice to see people in down jackets and some North Face gear. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside just thinking about it.


tsbroome said...

Being an east coast girl, this scene looks much like home to me. I used to love seeing the lights on the palm trees and all of the hotels with crazy lights up. It's so fun to go back to my mom's for Christmas and ride down ocean blvd. checking out the Christmas lights. It's like a cartoon Christmas.

Judy Shreve said...

Christmas on the left coast is strange to me too. We lived in LA a couple of times & somehow Christmas lights on palm trees just isn't right- lol.

I thought about you when I heard about the huge ice storm in the NE - hope your home & family are warm!