Saturday, December 27

Some changes

well I'm not sure how my blog is going to continue to fare/fair. I think, actually know, I am beginning to look for another full time job. I won't be able or willing to work a forty or more hour week and continue to make pots on any serious scale. My debts are just too high to ignore right now. I'm trying to take it in stride and just accept that they will be paid off someday, but it's making me feel a bit like I'm in a prison. between my operation and charging a lot of pottery supplies it's really added up. Plus, without getting into any detail, I need to start saving some money for a move and the possible need to support myself. so, since this is a pottery blog, I'm not sure how much pottery I will be making to be blogging about. Who knows, maybe I will feel compelled to come home after working in a hot sweaty kitchen all day or night and toil in the dark damp basement. Hmm, I'll keep you posted (see that pun?)


Sandi said...

Keep the faith. Never let your creative side go unnourished though!! I waited 30 years to revive mine!!
Some things just last for a season so always keep that perspective. You will be fine, I hear artists always land on their feet. :)

Judy Shreve said...

I hate it when reality hits!

I had to be away from clay for about 6 months a few years ago. I found myself dreaming of making pots - so much so it really focussed me when I was able to return. I hope your time away is short. Your work is truly wonderful so don't stay away too long.

Hope all the challenges you're facing are over quickly & just make you stronger. We'll miss you so visit us when you can. J >:)

Michael Kline said...

A potter's gotta do what a potter's gotta do. I've been in your situation more than a few times. Seems like it's a cyclical thing for me. With the economy in the bucket I don't think any of us are free from its effects.
Follow your instincts and make pots when there is time. I look forward to them (pots, that is).

WildMagnolia said...

Good luck, darlin'. Remember, everything ALWAYS works itself out and you can't turn off creativity. You're a potter no matter what you have to do for a living.

I had to take an unwanted break because of family issues and am finally about to begin again.

michele d.

cynthia said...

I have taken at least 2 long term breaks from pottery in the past 4 years and each time I come back to it.

Your post is sort of hard to read - maybe it's just that I feel a certain resignation, and a deep sigh.

I agree with what has been said - do what you need to do, but don't think of it as either/or. Make pottery when you can and find a tolerable job to pay off your debt.

I know 2 potters here in Denver who have recently taken on full time jobs and make clay work part time when it fits their schedules. A weight has been lifted off their shoulders now that they have a steady paycheck and health insurance.

Why can't your blog morph?

Patricia Griffin said...

Just wanted to say I've enjoyed reading your blog, and have appreciated your insights. I know that push/pull of working with/without pottery and art in my life. Sounds like you have a lot going on. I hope you can be gentle with yourself.

Jen Mecca said...

I just got caught up on your blog. So sorry to hear you may have to take a break. Please know you are not alone in having to do stuff you don't want to too pay down bills. We are always scrapping by and just "dealing" with our dept. Good Luck with all that. You know, you don't have to write about pots. Trying to cope in this business is also good for all of us to read about! Potting is a life choice and a hard one with dips, hills and peaks. Living this life of potters is not just talking about pots.
Hang in there! Jen

tsbroome said...

I agree with Jen. It would be sad to see you stop blogging. I got a yoga mat and tapes for Christmas because of your inspiring handstand! I need a full time job too. Wes leaves for college in three years at $26K a year. I'm hoping for the feng shui wealth corner to kick in any moment:)
I get a lot of mental support from the bloggers and if I was struggling with going back to work full time right now, I would need it more than ever I think.Not too mention I get a lot of laughs from you. Sometimes on days when I really need one. Hang in there!!

T.Gray said...

DW, it's not a particularly great time economically for potters. Actually, it hasn't been all that great since the dot com crash. Do what you have to do to survive physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially.

cookingwithgas said...

We are all wondering where the next year or so will take us. This is a time of change. You know you will never leave this completely behind.
Change can lead to something good- sometimes you look around and think -"why am I here?" Then as things flow into place you realize you need to be there at that time and moment.
Keep the faith-

Deborah Woods said...

Thanks a lot everyone for your nice words. I've got a lot to deal with right now, so I am not paying any attention to my blog. Maybe once things settle a little I'll get back into it. I do appreciate all your interest.