Thursday, February 10


This is another little ditty I wrote down one day. It is not entirely memorable or notable, just a freewrite I did to come up with some ideas for songs. I'm kinda busy so haven't had time to post and thought I might put something up. Looks longer than it is . . .


I keep looking back

for what you said I lacked

And I see you and me

and the space between

trying to fill a dream

and this is the place I’m at

trying to see the sky as blue

instead of black and

pull this weight off my back and

if love is my religion

does that mean that I am an atheist

or a realist

and do I have to go to war to fight

for my right

to keep them from pounding on my door

because I bought some Nyquil or Anbesol

or some other shit they say

I can get high from

and I’m standing there and I can barely breathe

and they say they want to look around

and I’m like: “this is America man” . . .

And they say: “exactly”.

And so I do a little pirouette and I say:

"How’s that for a look around?"

and they are not amused

And I’m surprised because

usually I think I’m a pretty funny girl

Or a woman,

I haven’t made up my mind yet

and I can see he’s got his hand on his trigger

and I’m like Man, I am not interested

and he says I can see

you’re not going down without a fight

and I’m like: “Baby . . . I can be your worst nightmare . . .

. . . or your best bad dream”.

And It’s like I’m an invincible wall of


and I’m shooting out one tiny hole of light

but it’s a blinding ray

and so I spend a lot of my time wondering

if I should be dimmer . . .

and if you had a pull chain on your neck

I would think that it was kinda strange

and yet . . . strangely convenient

On - Off

On - Off

Off - off - off.

And now all I have left is god and me

when he’s not too busy answering prayers and

being a poster-child for the latest conflict

in the name of his almighty saving grace

and everyone is just praying and praying

Should I take this job?

Should I buy this TV?

Should I drop this bomb?

And God is just yelling:

Think! Think!

He’s a busy guy

Or gal, or woman

I don’t know, I haven’t decided yet

And I’m not sure I want to