Saturday, March 1

Rotten bananna

I'm really excited about my new photo set up. I've still got a bit of work to do on it, like sew the fabric panels together and resize it a little, but the gist is there. I should back up a little. As I mentioned earlier I have been photographing my pots with a light system I rigged up, and it was okay, but really frustrating to work with. Hard to get rid of highlights, not getting a good color reproduction, loosing a lot of detail, etc. So I did a little research and discovered that many products are shot in a light box. You can buy these in the size I wanted for about 150 dollars, but there are all sorts of ways to make your own, and so I did. I used cpvc pipe and a sheet and three, hundred watt bulbs and my graduated paper of course. So I get this set up in a rudimentary fashion and snap a few shots, and I'm not impressed. Then I remember reading about taking a white reading for shooting. Looked in the manual of my digital camera and did what it said, and oh my god, what a huge difference. I grabbed a few items laying around the house and just held the camera in my hand and shot to test. Unbelievable color reproduction and detail etc. from what I'm used to. The difference is drastic. So I'm looking forward to finishing the tent and shooting some pots. I think I'm going to be pretty happy with this set up. I can break it down and store it in the bag my tripod came with (which I never put my tripod in) so that's nice.

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