Saturday, June 28

As the Borg say, resistence is futile

Okay, I am breaking my own rule about not posting photos of cute kids and sunsets and I have been resisting for some time but have lost the battle within. Above is a photo of my daughter. Normally she does not have purple hair and cat-ears but I am sure there was a holiday she was celebrating. Below is my grandson from last fourth of July. His mother, the purple-haired girl, enjoys festooning him according to the holiday, superbowl, season (she puts shorts on him in summer and sweaters in winter-crazy). You should have seen him last Superbowl, for that matter you should have seen her. I didn't even know they made Patriots earrings but she managed to find some. If I didn't give birth to her myself I would be convinced she were not from my loins, we are so different.
So as an early July 4th posting here is Star-Spangled Baby.

I guess I should think of renaming my blog The Mindpot or something. Still battling the headache. I have taken myself off of the meds they had me on because they are not working and I can't even think too clearly anymore. Here is a list of every chemical I have put in my precious body in the last five weeks (post surgery to current headache): Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Ambien, Clonazepram, Immitrex, Keterolac, Oxycodone, Prednisone, Propranolol, Col-Rite, and Aleve. Yesterday I began taking Arnica Montana 30x but it is homeopathic so I'm not too stressed about that one. What a cocktail huh? That's just insanity. I am supposed to go back o the doctor again on Monday and he thinks I should have a Cat-Scan. However, during my last visit he said a Cat-Scan could be done but was more often than not useless so I question the need for one now. I fell asleep last night around 10:00 and it could have been a good solid nights sleep, except that I woke up at 2:00 and couldn't get back to sleep. I am incredibly tempted to take one of my Ambiens and sleep but am trying really hard to de-tox and drinking some cleansing herbal tea instead. I will endure the day like a zombie, do some more yoga and hope for sleep tonight. Oh yeah, I cold turkeyed caffeine today as well. This has it's benefits perhaps and liabilities. I never used to drink caffeine but a couple of months ago started drinking two cups of black tea every morning. Caffeine can trigger headaches. But, going off caffeine can also trigger headaches. Ay yi yi.

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