Thursday, June 26

Tea for ten

It's kinda late. Just got home from an open mic. Kind of chill tonight but nice. I still have my headache and it's pretty fierce. I do have some new hope at the end of my tiny rainbow though. I ran into an old friend, or rather someone I knew in the past and have run into a couple of times since but now feels like a friend, and he suggested I try internal Arnica. I have used Arnica gel on my knees while hiking and was blown away by how it took the pain away so I got home and did a little Googling about the oral Arnica and I'm going to the health food store first thing in the morning. I can't live like this, I can function, but barely. It's like existing and participating in life when there is always something else on your mind (quite literally in this case). This shit they have me on is not working. I am so pumped up on drugs it's crazy. Except painkillers if you remember which I quit. Yah, that's fun having a migraine and not taking anything for the pain. Yah I'm all over that. I'm going to try meditating tomorrow. See what happens. And getting more involved with my yoga can't hurt. Or I could just try some more expensive, ineffective drugs. Sorry, I'm feeling a little cynical. It really hurts.

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