Monday, June 23

The Melon Head

Well, so far I don't look like a melon, and really in the grand scheme of possible facial disfigurements my possible temporary facial enlargement is really nothing to worry too much about.

We usually don't have cable. I have lived without it for probably 10 years, but Adam wanted to try it and thought it would be good for my recuperation after my surgery, and I have to admit it was. I spent many hours watching things I never would have watched (like America's Top Model and What not to Wear [Thanks Stacy and Clinton for setting me straight])) and other such programs, but I quite literally did not have the physical or mental energy to expend on anything else for a couple of weeks and it probably kept me from going a little koo-koo. But now we are talking about it being time to say good-bye to cable again. I will miss the Dailey show, the Cobert Report, Next Gen., Cash Cab and a few others, but I can easily, without any residual pain, live without them. There is simply way too much to do in life.

You may be wondering why the picture of the cake. I am not too good at justifying or lying so the reason is because I havn't been making enough new pottery to photograph any. That is the sad truth. Between my operation and the headache which has taken permanent residence in my brain, not much is going on. So here is a cake to celebrate my inactivity. It is actually a birthday cake I once made for Adam, Black Forrest. But in the interest of recycling we'll use it for a second occasion. Happy not doing anything to me, happy not doing . . .

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