Monday, June 23

Check this out for fun

This is a link I just scoffed from another potters blog. His name is Ron Philbeck and I think his blog is my favorite. Check it out sometime. The link to the link I stole from him is
Move your cursor around and click your mouse to change colors.

I went to the doctor again today. Still have the headache. I'm on another round of steroids and so I think it is likely that my face will begin to resemble a melon of some variety within a few days. I can't take much more. It is really affecting my state of mind-not to mention all the other drugs ie. painkillers I've been taking, which the doctor recommends I cease and desist with because I guess they can lead to re-bound headaches or whatever which may not be helping me to kick this one. So no painkillers, but I can take anti-anxiety pills to help with the mental and physical stress of the headache because they are not an analgesic. I have about seven prescriptions in my medicine chest which I find disturbing. I can't wait to be back to as close to normal as possible. I prefer a healthy, clean mind and body. Not one with chemicals ricocheting around my mind and within my skin. Disturbing.

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