Sunday, June 1

My Adam

Well another week has passed and I have tried to work a little. I made six covered pots but not sure I should be working so hard yet. It's kind of hard to give myself permission to slow down. I guess in the long-term grand scheme of things this down time will pass quickly and probably not affect my life as drastically as I imagine. It's frustrating though. I just got accepted into the League, this goal I've had for years and then I have to stop working when what I really want to do is throw myself into my work. I tend to be a little like a freight train as well. Once I stop it takes some momentum and effort to get up to speed again. So it's scary stopping for that reason as well.

So this picture is a picture of my husband Adam. Adam is wonderful and I am really lucky to have someone in my life who is so supportive of my work and really just everything. Everyone should be so lucky.

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