Tuesday, June 3

Pathelogical Painting Pride

This is a painting from about six years ago when I was going through a difficult time-I guess I was angst-ridden. It was helpful to put my feelings onto this canvas and probably helped me from imploding all the way. I hung it on my wall in my kitchen for a while and given the content of the work I think I was being brave. A boyfriend asked me if I thought I should really have it on my wall being that it was so personal. His comment of course had the effect of making me feel very insecure about the work (but then by the end of the relationship I felt insecure about many things-not the sign of a healthy relationship) but I left it there anyway. Some time later I came to the belief that if he was uncomfortable with the nature of my work then that said more about him really then it did about me. When I was ready (ready being when I moved in with my now-husband and decided that it might not be considerate to have this painting on the wall any longer) it came down from the wall and moved to my shed. It's now at the home of one of my son's friends who fell in love with it in while in the shed.

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