Saturday, July 5

The Bomb Boule

Here is one of the two loaves I made with my new sourdough starter. This is a 100% whole wheat bread, except for the starter which I have made with unbleached white bread flour. I'm really surprised how good the flavor is with these loaves. For a new starter there is a nice tang and it did a fine job in raising the dough. If anyone is interested in pursuing sourdough bread making the BEST book that I know of to get is "Breads from the La Brea Bakery" by Nancy Silverton. If you do what she instructs you will be making bread like the kind you thought you could only buy. Another book to check out is one a friend gave me called "World Sourdoughs From Antiquity" by Ed Wood. Another book I have which I havn't used as much but like having because it's kind of an earthy baking book is "The Tassajara Bread Book" by Edward Espe Brown.

Unfortunately I am not feeling well again today. It was my intention to throw about 60-75 mugs and finish them Monday. I'm still going to try but feeling less than enthusiastic about it now. I don't usually make so many mugs at one sitting but thought I'd try. It's a lot of handles to put on the next day. Adam said if I made 60 mugs he would make me breakfast tomorrow, and if I made 100 he would take me out for breakfast. I not very gratefully told him that that didn't seem worth it to me and that I would make my own breakfast and less mugs. I'm not very nice sometimes.

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Jen Mecca said...

Boy that bread looks awesome!
Nice blog. Thanks for the handles tip. I do baby my pots but maybe those pieces just need to sit under two layers of plastic for awhile. Jen