Friday, July 4

Oval pot construction

This will be obvious and boring to the potters out there, but to my friends or family it may be mildly entertaining, so this is how I put together an oval pot, in a very abbreviated form. Above is a pot that we will pretend doesn't have a bottom yet, because this is the wrong picture. Pretend it is just walls.

Then I flip it over and score the bottom to help it stick to the slab (sheet) of clay that I have already rolled out on my slabroller (think really big pasta machine that cost about 700$ more).

Flip the only walls pot over and set on the slab which I have sprayed with water. I carefully jiggle it down firmly onto the slab because we want it to stick really well so there will be no cracking later. After I cut around the base of the pot and smooth the outside and inside to hopefully make it look as if the pot were born this way, and not the horrid result of a really bad plastic surgeon.

Two little handles made from a coil of clay that has been flattened and shaped a little.

And like magic, the finished pot. I pre-decorated this one with some lines I drew into the clay. I made 15 of these today (threw them yesterday, but finished today) but they are not all alike. The handles vary, only half have lines drawn in them, and the general shapes are different, but all oval.

I'm really looking forward to glazing these pots. I am trying something different. I've done a lot of testing and it you look back to the post from June 16, "Electric and Lovin' it" you get an idea of the approach I will be using to glaze many if not most of these pots.

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