Monday, July 28

Guitar strings and clay thangs

One side of pitcher
Other side of pitcher
Some tumblers
Another pitcher
A couple of vases and jars

I'm pretty excited about finishing all of these pots. I have an idea of how I would like for them to all look, but of course no idea of how they will actually look. As you can see I put some white slip on some of them. I plan to put white glaze on those areas probably so it really pops out on my clay. The white glaze I use is a little translucent, which I like because it allows the clay body to show through a little, but some bright white contrast might be nice too. I've got a lot I would like to write, but I have to go back to my studio. I'm trying to treat all of my work days as work days and not screw off too much. My guitar thang is tonight, so I only have until 6:30 to work. Then I'm off to be a rock superstar (and live small?-how's that right?).

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