Saturday, July 26

Seven pitchers

Seven pitchers, seven hours. Kind of. I trimmed 16 tumblers also. Plus a couple of meal breaks so maybe seven pitchers, five hours. Still, I hope once I get my groove on making these that I will become a little more efficient time-wise. The spouts were kicking my butt at first. I kind of like adding the spouts as hand made additions, rather than pinching the rim to form a spout. In the past however I usually cut into the rim to create an opening and attach that way. You know the drill. I hate cutting into the rim. There's something about it that gives me the willies. I don't mind altering the rim as in making it wavy, or making square or triangle plates. But just to take a round rim and cut a chunk out is very distasteful. So then I realized I might be able to just add the spout on top of the rim (yes, I just realized this, I know) and I like it that way much better. The four pitchers on the right are made that way. I think the second and third pitchers from the right are my favorites. Too tired to write more.

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