Wednesday, July 16

If no one hears a tree grow in the woods, should it keep growing?

I've been feeling a little frustrated about my blog. I thought it would be fun to write and an opportunity to share my work with family, friends, and hopefully strangers or other potters I might hope to meet someday. The sad reality is that it doesn't seem to be the case. My wonderful husband Adam (and my friend Ella from work) are my only constant readers. I've definitely become aware that I am sending this out into space. It's like this little sattelite up among the stars. It's pretty happy it's in space, but like Pinocchio, it just wants to be a real blog.So what do I do when what I am doing is meant to be shared and no one wants a bite?

Well, my first feeling is one of discouragement and the thought to just can it. What's the point? But, I don't have a web-site yet and I feel the need for some kind of prescence on the web. Perhaps I just post a few photos with my contact info and call it good? That doesn't exactly seem like the nature of a blog though. Should I be annoyed with my family and friends for their lack of interest? People have their own lives and I was told when I was little that the world doesn't revolve around me, and it may just be true. Should I be disappointed that out of the dozens and dozens and dozens of pottery blogs out there, many in their third and fourth years, that my little six-month-old pottery blog has not picked up national interest? Yah I'm disappointed, because my Mom did always tell me I was special, but I'm not foolish. I know I am but a small speckle of specialness that exists in the pottery blog world. So what to do?

Well, my wonderful and supportive husband Adam has asked me to not give it up, because he reads every day hoping I have written something new. So if only for Adam alone, I will continue. I do have to ask myself if it is worth writing if only for myself. If no one reads, is there a reason to type these words? I suppose the answer is if the act of creating is enough even if I am my only audience. I think I'd have to answer no. Part of my pleasure is imagining the response of another human being. And the less I can imagine that, the less fun it seems.

But for now there is Adam every day, and for now I guess that's good enough for me.

*disclaimer-the above information isn't entirely correct. In the interest of self-pity and writing a more interesting and succinct post I have left out the fact that my father has read several times, my mother twice, my brother twice and my sister once. I'm sure that these glaring omissions of facts may be pointed out to me otherwise.


anovak said...

Keep writing Debbie.
Love you Adam

Anonymous said...

I would be quite disappointed if you discontinued you amusing and insightful blog. So, don't!

Anonymous said...

"Comment moderation has been enabled" What an interesting phrase to describe censorship. I wasn't going to say anything controversial, but it is disturbing to know that if I do, it must be "approved". This seems a little bit inconsistent with your typical editorial positions. Enough about that! I was really posting a comment to suggest that you continue with the blog for two reasons: It is interesting to read and I think it keeps you from going crazy by giving you a forum to vent your frequent annoyances. Your pottery and your writing are both getting better every day, so don't stop!
Daddy, Daddy

Deborah Woods said...

Dear Daddy Daddy,
I agree that it does seem a little out of keeping with my views on the freedom of speech, but I assure you my intent is to only block spam. Thanks for your very nice comments. Love your daughter

Anonymous said...

To my FAVORITE niece...
Now that I have this site into my favorites I promise to check it at least every other week. Even though I may never write anything on it again!! However I am very proud of you. You've come a long way from that teenager I once was frighten for.
Your favorite Aunt...

Deborah Woods said...

Hi Aunt Val! I'm so glad you checked my site-I'll e-mail you privately but I wanted to respond to the comment of my favorite aunt.
Love Deb