Monday, July 21

Naked in Uncharted Waters

"Create according to your knowledge of beauty with the knowledge that someday you will be understood."

This is a quote from the article "The Joy of Style" by Karen Terpstra in Sept/Oct 2001 issue of Clay Times. I've been paging through my old issues and I had underlined this sentence seven years ago. I must have been physic and sending a message to myself in the future. My work is in the process of taking a radical shift in the way I glaze my pieces. If you look back to June 16, Electric and Lovin It, you can get an idea of what my next kiln of pots might look like (sort of, those photos are just little test pots). But I can hear the voices in my head of well-meaning people I know who might be a little shook up by this new direction. "are you still going to make your old work? maybe you can do both? why are you doing this? (said with that just tasted something yucky look on their face) Hell, I'm not even sure it will work out. It's uncharted waters for me. But, I do know that I feel excited about my work and I'm actually looking forward to glazing (usually I consider it a bit of a drag). You never could have told me seven years ago or even one year ago that I would be following this path. I guess I am on two different paths. I have also been sprigging as well and was really happy with the results and the glaze combinations I began discovering. But they are the same glazes either way(down to four remember?) and so saybe I will dip my feet in both for a while. Or maybe I should just strip down naked and leap into this one pool of the shimmering water.

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