Monday, July 21

How many hours can you waste in a day and still call it productive?

(first, please excuse the rage you are about to witness. I thought about deleting this post to save myself from the peeks inside my tortured soul, but as a tattoo artist once said to me: it's who you were that day)

So, this is one of the only redeeming qualities of my day. To post photo of my cute grandson because this day has SUCKED!!!!!!. No new pots to show. A lot of new aggravation to show, so if you are sensitive to blood you might wish to avert your eyes. I promised my daughter, mother of said grandchild, that we would take any files from our old crappy computer and save them then wipe the hard-drive out and all that jazz and re-install and all that shmazz and give her the old computer. Okay. I started by 9:30 this morning, and it's now what? 2:30, 3:00? and I am still going. I want to smash things with very big hammers and scream very loud screams. Is it too early to bring out the LUKSUSOWA vodka or should I wait a while?I also have our guitar group meeting at my house tonight at 7:00 and oh yeah, I am a potter after all, and I have, what are those things called, oh yeah, POTS!!!! waiting to be finished while I f*** around on that computer.

My friend Caroline (am amazing sign painter in New Hampshire) said that computers are supposed to make our live easier, but instead bring incredible frustration and she is so right. I can't imagine life now without the internet, but sometimes I just want to smash! and smash! and crush! and obliterate! these things! Ug. If I were not so self-controlled and reserved in my emotions, I might express my utter frustration by suffice it to say that I am not pleased with the events of the day. Chow.

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