Tuesday, July 1

Oh what a glorius morning, oh what a wonderful day . . .

Well, while it is too soon to grasp on too tightly to my hope I would like to share the glorious new that my semi-permanant brain-pain has lifted. It is not gone entirely, but to the extent that I feel almost normal again, meaning I can use my brain for something other that regulating my basic body funtions. I can actually think! Resorting back to pharmecuticals (spell?) again last night I took two Immotrex and two Aleve and there was a noticeable improvement this morning. Now, I would like to share my non-traditional and probably not reccommended additional remedy and that is that I washed my meds down with two bloody marys. I figured nothing could get much worse than it was and I might as well have a little fun while I was dying. And please, before you worry too much about the horrible, inconceivable "danger" of mixing the drugs I am on with alcohol (say that word in a really ominous tone of voice) I think there is more to be concerned with mixing all the drugs I have been on with eachother-PERIOD. If there is danger anywhere, there is danger in that Will Robinson.

I am not done with my pharmecutical cocktail yet however. This afternoon I added Indomethacin and Propranolol again. Also, Sunday I had the temporary pleasure of an IV with Dilawdin (?). THAT was great for the pain, and not too bad for the mind, but short-lived. Good thing is, if this relief lasts, I am back to making pots. Can't find my battery charger for my camera. Also lost my car keys the other day. Maybe they're under that egg in the frying pan on that commercial, "this is your brain . . ."

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