Wednesday, July 2

Bird bath bases and brains

I am becoming desparate to find images to post. My battery is on my camera is dead, can't find the charger and that's my predicament. Good and bad news. I woke up today and my headache is probably 90% gone. I've been playing it pretty low-key so as not to aggravate anything all day. Went to work (I work part-time as a silversmith) and doing quiet stuff, wore earplugs when I had to hammer, kept the lights off. Everyone's being really cool about working in the dark and finding low-key stuff for me to work on. I'm pretty lucky there. Unfortunately about three o'clock I felt it returning so about 4 when I realized I think it was really here I took an Aleve, half a Percocet and my last Indomethacin (it was only a three pill script). I was feeling hungry and have been told not to let myself get hungry cause it can bring on a headache. So ate an early dinner and going to go for a walk with the Daister and chill out with some yoga. Woke up at 5 this morning and was doing my yoga by 6:30 or so which I really like doing in the morning. I never thought of myself as a morning person but I'm starting to dig it, as long as I'm in bed by maybe 11:00.

Oh, the image above it the base to a bird-bath. It has not been fired yet. I am worried I already posted it but don't remember. After it is bisqued I will likely rub some oxide wash into it and wipe off the excess. It will look a lot like wood once it is high fired. The base was made in three pieces, each about 8 lbs. I threw them like a hollow tube and once they were firm enough to handle (leatherhard for the non-potters out there) I joined them really well. I already fired two and had no cracking at all. I think you just have to join them well and let them dry really slowly. I had these under plastic for probably at least 2 weeks slowly exposing them to more air the dryer they became. I apologize if my writing is a little dull, but creativity is not my strongest trait right now.

Alright, chow for now. If you tune in later sometime this week I promise to have some new deliciously wet pots made for you to see. I think I'm back baby.

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