Thursday, July 3


Guess what? We found my keys! I had looked everywhere. I tend to be pretty routine about where I put certain things, I don't just drop them will-nilly anywhere. I was out of ideas; except one: the garbage. Oh god, I saw things in there I don't ever want to see again. Fortunately Adam had not gone to the dump in two weeks so there was a lot of possibility out there. He had the idea (I did not realize this at first) to start with the older garbage. We are picking through stuff I don't even want to dream about. I started acting like a girl and crying and saying things like I can't take this anymore and mostly watched him going through the garbage looking for MY keys. Then we got to the most recent bag and I'm like why didn't we start with this one, it's the most likely possibility? This bag was tolerable to look through, still I let him do most of the looking while I pondered other possibilities. Then I hear those beautiful words: found them! I have no idea how they ended up there except for the same reason my soymilk sometimes ends up in the cupboard. That and I really haven't been myself for the last few weeks, like six really.

Feeling good today. I think my headache has really, truly lifted. I feel a little shaky and weird though. I think I am coming down off a lot of drugs. I bought some detox tea which I've been saturating my body with and gonna make some pots!

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