Thursday, July 3

Pots, tools and smelly stuff

The other day I was going through my shard buckets looking for anything I might want to sell at my super-discount-out with the old-in with the new pottery and yard sale and I came across this old mug I handbuilt about two years ago. It's not the greatest mug in the world but I decided I wanted to keep it. Most of the stuff is broken-on purpose. I throw the rejects into the buckets with great gusto.

I finally threw some things again today. I can't tell you how tired I am. These pots only weigh 1.25 lbs. and it kicked my butt! I have lost a lot of strength over the last six weeks of not working. I feel like one of those sick people in the movies who has to shoosh everyone out of the room because she needs to rest. That is what I am going to do next. These are going to be oval shaped pots. They don't have bottoms so many of them began their transformation as I cut them off their bats. I will roll out some slabs tomorrow morning to use as bottoms after I re-shape the pot. Maybe I will photograph the process for the billions of non-potters who are reading my blog. It promises to be fascinating.

Some covered jars I made several weeks ago.

More covered jars. They remind me of baby bottles. I did a demonstration to that effect for Adam including a little "wah".

This is my newborn baby Sourdough Starter. It is about thirteen days old and we are very proud of it! It is all bubbly and stinky and in a few days I will make some delicious bread or bagels or english muffins or some other delectable delight with it. Some people have had cultures (starters) for decades or more than a hundred years. If you take care of them they will last literally forever and you just keep using it and hopefully it keeps getting better and better. A few years ago I had an amazing one going. It made the BEST bread. One day I was vigorously stirring some flour into it and the gallon jar I was keeping it in shattered, as did my heart.

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