Friday, August 1

Brette and Nina on the broken bridge to nutabithia

oh Brette, where are we? this doesn't look right at all.

i don't know Nina. we were supposed to be at the golden orange bridge of nutmeg and somehow we've ended up at crap mountain.

how did we get here Brette? did you find a recipe and make up a five gallon bucket without testing it first and then glaze an entire kiln load of pots with it?

of course not Nina-i'm no dumb-shit

then how did we get here Brette?

Nina i can only guess that we've ended up at the mountains of poop because we have spectacularly bad luck and always get the shaft. that and maybe something has changed with my yellow ochre. that is the only thing i can think of, except when i tested again with the old yellow ochre it still didn't look right, which leads me to believe it might be my new batch of clay.

oh brette, what should we do now?

i think we should eat chocolate, drink beer, eat a grilled cheese sandwich and chips and feel sorry for ourselves for now Nina.

i like your style Brette.

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