Wednesday, August 6

Emily Murphy's Pottery Blog Info

Here's a couple more photos of some pots. There'll be some more interesting work done over the slipped areas-I think I'll do some oxide brush work instead of sgraffito. I often try and do things differently of different sides of a pot. The first two photos here are the same pot-circle on one side and tall stripe on other (my how ingenious)

The next two pots are the same pot again, but my little sgraffito lines go vertical on one side and horizontal on the other. Not a huge difference, but I still find it makes it more interesting.

So if you haven't already checked out Emily Murphy's Blog this morning yet she has some fantastic info regarding promoting your blog or at least trying to get search engines to recognize it. A lot of people probably don't realize that just the act of putting something on the web doesn't mean a search engine will pick it up. They often have to be encouraged to do so (poor little bots, they have a lot to do). She's got some great advice. One quick tip I just did that she made me think of was link to my blog from myspace so that I know I have a link pointing here which helps the search engines and I just linked back to it here for the sole purpose of creating a reciprocal link which can't hurt my luck either (don't bother looking at my myspace page, there is absolutely nothing of interest there-but maybe I should change that-the only reason I have myspace for is to be able to contact my wandering son, who by the way, has not called me in three months-little bastard-but I'm digressing). Another easy thing to do is to consider what you title your post (again I learned all this while reading Emily's post). What you title your posts apparently becomes the url of the page, so something to think about when naming posts- my titles are usually a little vague so maybe I should rethink that. So anyway, a lot of good info. Thank you Emily -and I tagged all my photos this time!


Emily Murphy said...

Thanks Deborah! I'm glad that you're already putting the info to good use.

I think it's totally ok to put, for example, my name in your blog title with the hopes that it'll pop up on a search- as long as there is a relevant link there (like there is). I actually think it's a pretty important part of how this networking thing all works.

Also- I don't know if you knew this, but I'm a New Hampshire native. I grew up in Keene and my family still lives there.

A little about me said...

I was starting to imagine that I was going to get some backlash from people saying that it was uncool to do that and I left the post title but rewrote my post a little because I was worried it would be misunderstood (your link is still there however).

I did hear that you were from NH. I didn't know you were from the pumpkin festival mecca though!

Pigeon Road Pottery said...

Hi Deb,
Emily's advice does work. You left a comment on my new blog and that made me want to see your work too. It's really nice by the way! I'll make sure to keep up with your "confessions". This blogging thing is time consuming, but I think it's worth it. I miss being surrounded by clay people like I was at Lill Street!

Deborah Woods said...

thanks for reading. I agree it takes some time. Mostly because I can't help checking to see if someone has looked at my page and checking messages and then I get sucked in and looking for new blogs and reading the ones I've found. Yikes.