Tuesday, August 5

Pottery post

So these are a few images of the jars I started the other day. I wanted to dip some pots into white slip, but I need to give it some thought. Not sure what to do to keep it off the bottom and gallery without waxing the greenware. I guess I could wipe after but that's a lot of wiping.

I made three of them with holes for a honey stick because a friend of mine wants a honey pot.

I wedged these up and threw from about five till eight but I only got 36 of them done. Like a dozen or so left-coffee mugs. Humming right along I seem to max out at 14 and hour at most. I tend to spend a couple minutes tweaking the form. But I'm not a machine so who cares. Well, I'm pretty tired so not much to write today.


Emily Murphy said...

When I want to dip a pot in slip (bottom first)and don't want to be left with a messy bottom, I wax the bottom with liquid wax. Wax sticks to leather hard clay pretty easily. It's an extra step, but if you *really* want to dip the pot, it's a way around it.

I am totally digging the carving on the little jars!

Deborah Woods said...

Emily, thanks for the advice. I had thought of that but was worried it might trap so much moisture it would make thorough drying difficult. So I'll definitely give it a try now.

Thanks for the nice comment about my jars. In my mind they look really cool when they are done-hopefully reality will be the same as my imagination!

brandon phillips said...

yeah, i leatherhard wax all the time, never a problem. just don't let it touch another piece for too long or the wax will stick and pull the slip off!