Monday, August 4

I hate guitar circle

So this is what I spent today doing. Everything was really way too soft to finish yet (at least according to how I usually work) but I didn't want to make any new pots today. I have found that creating tall ovals with altered bases is difficult because I can not get my hand inside easily to attatch the floor and smooth inside. I'll have to give this some thought because I like the form. I did realize that I probably need to wait until I have attached the floor before I alter the rim shape to give my hand more room. So, I guess that's that.

I'm off to my guitar thing again. Sick of going really. Everyone takes it too seriously now. Like we're a band or something. I thought we were just a bunch of people hanging out and having fun and it's way less fun having it feel like school. I've actually been shushed a couple of times while myself and someone were talking. I'm not kidding. I think that's when I first started to metally back off the whole thing. I probably only go about every three weeks or so now. I have done, and still do way too many things in my life that I have HAD to do. Why choose to do something now that I don't have to do, and which makes me feel like I'm twelve again?


Linda Starr said...

Ok, here is yet another pottery blog I am reading and almost didn't make a comment - shame on me. If I (you - the public you) are going to take the time to read then I (you - the public of you and me again) should take the time to make a comment - this is directed at myself (and others like myself).

I feel the same way on my blog. Many lookers, lurkers and few comments.

One of your posts said 46 mugs - if I could even get two mugs done in one day among my other respnsibilities that would be a feat, so I say congratulations and kudos to you for your artistry and dedication to the art and craft of clay. Not to mention your art is beautiful and original.

Ok, I started making slab built stuff in the very recent, recent years and it is all imperfect - I am striving for more perfect - maybe not perfect but more per - fect - to 'per - fect' the craft of what I am doing. I seem to be rambling here so I bid you adieu for now -

thanks for a great and real blog.

Deborah Woods said...

Thanks Linda. I left a comment on your blog.