Friday, August 22

New potters stool

My new stool arrived today. I was in the back yard taking some dazzling photos of my #7mug test results (and I haven't even posted the photos of #6 yet-what a sly devil) and I heard this sound like a UPS truck. I thought- could it be? And it twas. Thanks again to Joy Tanner for sending me this link to Sheffield Pottery where I bought the stool. I still need to get my wheel up a little higher. When I bought it years ago I bought leg extensions for it, but I got the short ones because I thought, what kind of wacko would need 18" extensions on their wheel? I am opposed to putting it up on cinderblocks or such, so I need to figure something else less obstrusive out. So, up above is the stool in its' shortest position.

Here it is in its highest position

And here it is in its clever little potters position. All four legs are independently adjustable. Pretty cool huh?

Here is a little critter I saved from our patio drain. We have to remember to check once in a while because frogs and salamanders can get in, but can't seem to get out. We also just get a lot of frogs on our sunken patio, who, I think go hopping by and drop into the abyss and can't get out. They like to go under and behind our hot tub. I saved two today.

Yesterday was a sad day for the animal kingdom at my house. I found a little blue jay who had obviously been attacked by my cat Batman (I didn't see him do it, but I know it was him) and I held him for a little while but then decided to let what would happen, happen, and put him in the grass under the trees. Later I went to check on him and he was gone! I was excited for about 10 seconds when I turned around and saw a very dead blue jay behind me. Oh well.

I did save a grasshopper from my mystery glaze however. I have the cover off this 30 gallon can, which is 3/4 full, because I'm trying to dehydrate it so I can get rid of it. Little guy was stuck in the glaze on top, so I gently gave him a bath and sent him on his way. Daisy stepped on a frog the other day, and that wasn't pretty. But that's another story.


Ben Stark said...

ooooh, I love the new stool. I would love to get one, but I really like to roll around--too lazy to actually stand up :) How fast was that shipping? It seems quite quick.

Joy Tanner said...

tilted really steeply. I think it's brilliant! My wheel is lifted on blocks up off the ground 12 inches and so it's right at the exact level I sit at, so my back is straight and arms are at 90 degrees. I'm even thinking about going higher with the wheel an inch or two because I still lean forward a little bit, but it's nice having the top of the wheel right there so close to me. Happy throwing! That's some speedy shipping!

Deborah Woods said...

Hi Joy- Adam found some steel pipe at the dump this morning, so I might try and do something with that-I just need a few more inches! I'll figure something out.

Linda Starr said...

Boy, that stool looks great. I have to keep all buckets lying on their sides around here because if they are left upright, the lizards get in there and they can't seem to climb out. They can climb straight up a wall, but the buckets are too slick or something. I just love that you are rescuing all the creatures around you.

Deborah Woods said...

I have let my sink spider fend for himself though. He seems to do alright-he like to hang out on my faucet-lots of spiders in my studio-can't save everything!