Saturday, August 23

Some mugs from test #6

Well hello. Here are just a few cups from my sixth test. Overall I was happy with everything, some more than others. Above is a tumbler that had white slip on the outside. You can see what a difference that makes with my white glaze. Much brighter white and no defects. I wish more of my bisque had slip on it so I wouldn't be having this white issue. I did have three very promising results from my white test the other day however, so hopefully I'll be able to get through my current bisque without any more white issues.

Here is a detail of the blue stripe above. I love what's going on here, and I just love the black, white and blue together.

Here is a cup similar to one I have made before-but that's a good thing. Always good when you know you can repeat something.

Here is the mug that was supposed to have black dots with a black liner, but ended up with stripes. I think the blue is far less overwhelming this way. Well, taking the day off because family is coming, and then tomorrow off because Adam is off on Sundays, so I won't be making much pottery. I do plan on building a new workbench in my studio however as I am badly in need of more counter space, and under-counter storage. Bye for now-


cynthia said...

I like your mugs - so you're testing different combinations of colors and patterns? Your color palette really appeals to me!

I'm jealous of your new stool in the post below - I'm using my grandmother's old sewing stool, but it has its limitations, ie., you can't adjust the height, or tilt it forward. Wow - I just might have to upgrade.

Deborah Woods said...

After loosing several large ugly loads of pots I realized I needed to work on my palette and application some more. These colors and patterns and such are a big departure for me-I've always been a sprayer and dipper pretty much, using other glazes. So a lot to learn, but I'm leaning it, and having a lot of fun with this new direction.

I also just returned from Lowes with some 1 1/2" pipe for leg extensions too, so a happy marriage for the wheel and stool now-