Wednesday, August 20

Post Another Alright, Some Shmatin Glossy Yeah White

So I'm on a quest for white. I dug through some old test tiles to see if I had anything I might be able to use, but no luck. It's frustrating, because I know on a lower iron body many of these would probably be fine. I'm not much of a glaze chemist, so I haven't really spent much time trying to tweak one recipe until I get what I want, although that may be my second route.

I made up eight different tests yesterday. I'll try them out in my next firing and hope for some magic. I have so many recipes compiled, and a lot of the names are really vague. Sometimes I have the source of the recipe so I can just write "Richards yellow" or whatever. But many I don't and so to avoid confusion with all the other Satin Whites, or Glossy Whites (these are not very creative names-who named these? What did they name their children-Small Person?, Little Human? I wasn't exactly creative, but threw the first word that popped into my mind onto the tag. If I were to ever post the recipe publicly for some reason, I would make an effort to locate its origin, and at the very least make sure it was not attributed to me, so I don't see given them nicknames as a problem.

I have:

Alright White
Posts244 White (we know this one!)
Another WSM
Yeah Satin Matt
White Breaking White (take off of Tom Buck's Cream Breaking Red w/no RIO)
Satin Shmatin
Glossy Mossy No Flossy (Glossy Mossy Flossy with no RIO)
Some White Liner (my tribute to a little pig)

Test Mugs #5 is cooling right now. I'm pretty anxious to see this because I have my test clay in there with my glazes. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but it would be nice if it all went well. I kept a small piece aside and test it every day for plasticity and it's improved tremendously in the two weeks or so since I made it. I can bend the snake with no breaking now.


Judy Shreve said...

Deborah -- I could post the same picture - lol. I have been mixing glaze test batches & glazing for 2 days. I'm almost ready to load & fire the kiln. What clay body do you use? And let me know how your next round of test mugs turn out.

Deborah Woods said...

Right now I use a commercial clay body from Miller. Miller 75 I think. It's a really good body as far as density and color and all that. Nice toasty stoneware. I am in the process however of testing clay bodies and hope to start making my own soon to get more of what I am after.

Judy Shreve said...

I'm using a Standard clay body - hazelnut. I like the warmth. A darker clay body seems to add some depth to ^6 glazes. I wish I had room to mix my own. I'm looking forward to your test pictures!