Tuesday, August 19

Thunder and teeth

I haven't been doing much work in my studio the last two days, so not much new to show. I added some words to a few of the tooth fairy jars. Thought I'd make a few to fill some other needs as well. I have mixed feelings about doing this. There is a pretty large chunk of myself that feels a little like I'm selling out to do this kind of thing. It's kind of kitsy (kichy?) Not exactly high art. BUT, it does utilize some small spaces in my kiln, and give me something to sell cheaply and in markets where people aren't looking to spend big bucks, or buy big pieces, such as the White Mountain Boogie and Blues music festival I went to Sunday. It's not a craft fair and most people I think would just want a trinket. I think I might rent a space next year and I'm thinking of appropriate items. Of course I would bring plenty of pots that don't feel like a sell-out to me such as mugs (high art!!) and bowls and what not. What a conundrum. I do like making these however, they are kind of fun, so I guess if that is there, then it can't be too much of a sell out.

My back is out a little. I've spent so much time at the wheel the last few weeks and I could feel it cramping up. It's hard to get around the last few days. I checked out Staples yesterday for a new stool. I want something I can adjust so I am standing/sitting. Legs kinda half straight, but weight on my butt you know? But I want a seat that tilts forward as well. The only stool I found that could go to 31" high was 169$. Not able to swing that currently. I'm not really into putting my chair up on cinderblocks and tiltling wedges or whatever, so if I can't find something soon I might try building it myself.

It's hard to believe some areas are experiencing drought now. This summer has been crazy with rain. I've never seen anything like it. More thunderstorms in the last six weeks than I think combined in the last six years. Torrential downpours, days on end rain. I LOVE IT. Now, if I were living a life of something other than say, working? It would be a drag. I normally love to hike and bike, but I just don't know when to do it, and the less I do the less desire and energy I have for it. Along with this rain there has been no heat. Summers around here are usually brutal. Even if it's only 85 or 90 degrees it is so humid you just want to drop dead. My a/c has hardly been on in two months. The rivers are swollen, raging and brown. I wouldn't want to fall in. I do miss hiking and biking though. I love the feeling of freedom, and the connection to my body. Hiking in New England usually has a spectacular reward. Once you are above tree line you can see forever. I stand on the peak, dirty and sweaty and elated feeling high and totally at peace, and try to imagine how far away is my home.


Ben Stark said...

Don't feel like a sellout. A potter's got make a living, and if it means selling some pots that aren't the greatest artistic statement, oh well. You enjoy making them and they keep you making the pots with real meaning and soul.

Joy Tanner said...

Shimpo makes an adjustable stool that I use and LOVE. It can tilt, go really low or high. I think I paid about $60 for it, and to me I felt guilty for paying $60 for a stool, but now I know it's totally worth it. I don't know how you throw, but recently, when I got the stool, I elevated my wheel up on cinderblocks so that I'm not bending over as much, and I really think that helps my lower back and neck. Although recently I have been getting a lot of pain in my hip joints and I don't know if this is from throwing or a combo of everything else physical. Anyway, I highly recommend the stool! Take it easy on your body!

Joy Tanner said...

Here's one link where you can info about it, but I just realized it maxes out at 25", so that might be too short for you.


Deborah Woods said...

Joy-Thank you so much for that link. I have never seen that stool before and I think it's going to be perfect. I don't need it to go to 31". That is just the max height of the stool I was looking at the other day. I did want higher than the normal chair heights though and I think this will be perfect. I am absolutely going to buy it-thanks-you're a lifesaver.

Thanks for the good words Ben-it's good to be reminded.

Linda Starr said...

(hope this isn't a duplicate, my last post disappeared)
wow, my ac hasn't been off in three months. Hope we get some rain this winter, we are definitely in a drought here.

I'm going to a large show in November and have been thinking of 'multiples to make & take' and feeling kind of like you. Then I tell myself they are all handmade with care and thought. At a show a few months back I had a blue lidded box and before I sold it, several folks asked, 'does it come in green?'

when my back starts to go out, I put one of those ice packs on it and wear a back brace and I also sleep with a flat pillow between my
knees which supposedly helps to keep the spine aligned. Hope your's gets to feeling better.

Brian said...

There's also a place that makes what they call a tilt-seat. I've been meaning to build one myself, just haven't gotten to it yet. Since I'm in a community studio, I've jsut switched to the stand up wheel, but in my own place I think I'd give this a try.


Deborah Woods said...

Thanks Brian, but I already ordered the one at Sheffield. I'm curious about the other one though, so I think I'll look anyway.