Friday, September 5

Flowers and a dirty floor

Still another couple of pieces from last firing. These are some better photos I tried to take. I still need to work on my lighting a little. I'd like to find three of those cool-burning photos lights. I just need to get off my butt and do it. The tumbler below is pretty big actually. It could be used as a vase.

My firing this time was eh-eh. I did not get my main browny-orange glaze on thick enough on many pots. Sometimes they look okay like that, sometimes not. I had maybe a 60% success rate. So that's better than many firings in the past. However, I did have great success refiring two pieces from last firing where the glaze was too thin, so I will try to refire a few of the pots that I really like but didn't quite come out.

I bought something really special yesterday. You have to wonder about my sad little life when something like this pleases me. I bought a commercial style mop bucket and mop. You know the kind where you dunk the mop into a yellow bucket on wheels and and squeeze out the water in the presser thing. It's by Rubbermaid and is really quality. Nice to occasionally buy something nowadays that hasn't been manufactured like crap. So my little setup does a great job of mopping the floor, which was sorely in need.


Linda Starr said...

I'm loving that coppery color with the blue - all the new stuff is very nice. I think the sprigs would look good with the new colors and designs too.

Interesting about the kiln peep being removed. I would have thought it would let in too much air - or are you only removing the peep at the end? How big is your kiln?

Can't wait to see what you decide for a booth - this is an interest of mine too.

Patricia Griffin said...

Hey, I've got one of those mop/bucket combos too. It gets a work-out (and I get a work-out) but my floor is always a tad clay-covered. When I leave the studio to go next-door, I make big ol' white footprints behind me!

Deborah Woods said...

Linda I only removed one of the center peeps when the kiln reached cone 5, and just one peep. I'm sure it pulled in a little more air, but right in the center where I needed it to slow down, and reduced the draft through the top holes where I need it to speed up. It worked really well. My kiln is 10 cubic feet. Someday when I have around 12grand I would like to buy a professional kiln by Bailey. Maybe a 18-20 cubic footer. The walls are like at least 5 inches thick.That's pretty hard-core compared to the round ones.

Lovin the mop Patricia-and since my kiln was firing I was sweatin my butt off too!