Thursday, September 4

New and old/new

These pots are still from my last firing. The pot above is the direction I feel pulled in now.

This pot with the leaves is a direction I was working on before I changed course (again). I really like it, and I like the sprigging. Maybe I can figure a way to incorporate both into the same pot.

These tumblers above are part of that same last direction. I had already had all these pots sprigged, and so glazed the the way I was working before, but now I wish had tried some with the new style I am working on. Oh well.

My kiln is almost to temp. I won't be glazing or making any pots today. I want to see how this batch comes through the fire before I glaze the next one. I'm still learning something from each successive firing that I try and pass on to the next. I have to find out today, but I think I might need to put some serious thought and work into designing a booth. I might need a photo of it to apply to the fair Nov.1. I've studied a lot of other potters' booths trying to get a feel for what to do, and what I've learned is that everyone does it differently. I have definitely formed some opinions of what NOT to do. I'm a little overwhelmed at the prospect.

I just figured out something pretty cool I thought I'd share. I regularly have trouble with the top shelf of my kiln being cooler than the middle. Often close to a cone. The bottom is a little behind as well. I believe the main reason the top is so far behind is because of my vent. I have three tiny holes drilled into my kiln lid where the air draws in, and then exits at the bottom of the kiln. I believe that air draw is enough to keep the top shelf cooler. I could solve this by putting a blank shelf over my top layer, but stacking doesn't always work out so conveniently.

I had the idea last firing, that if I removed a peep plug from the center of the kiln, that the air would then draw through that peep hole instead of the top holes. I tested this with a match and my assumption was correct. I decided that when I reached cone 5 this firing I would pull a center peep and test this. I am blown away as I went to check and ALL THREE cone packs are cone 6 down and cone 7 up. I then became concerned about the kiln making it through the soak without overfiring, and so I skipped the last five minutes (I had only programmed 8), re-programmed the ramp/cool again (quickly before I lost too much heat) and was off and running again. I wasn't expecting this level of success with this approach. See woodfirers! There's a lot of excitement and drama in electric too!


Michael Kline said...

I want some sprig!

As always, very nice.

tsbroome said...

yep, I like the sprigs, you should definitely work that in somehow. But I also like the color combo you are working on now,very soothing and would fit a lot of tastes I think.
Electric kiln excitement? Summer camp with ceramics from three teachers every day and all three kilns break at once for 2 weeks. That's excitement for you :) I like your new pieces

Deborah Woods said...

Thanks Michael-I hope your firing went well!

Hi Tracy-thanks. I hope you are feeling better. When you say soothing, are you referring to the colorful pot or the creamy one?

Ben Stark said...

I really like both a lot, and while I'm sure you could make some beautiful work combining the two, I also think it would be nice to keep both kinda separate. They may appeal to different buyers, but what do I know? ;)

tsbroome said...

I think both, they are just all very pleasing colors, great combination

Deborah Woods said...

Always something new to try isn't there?!