Wednesday, September 3

Plates and jars and pizza

Here are a couple more pieces from my last firing. The plate above is actually kind of small-like a lunch plate. I really like this combination, so I'd like to do more with it. However, the lighter glaze is very difficult to apply with a brush, so it's a pain. I have to check into gum or whatever it is you use to make a glaze more brushable.

Here are a couple of jars.

I have the kiln loaded and ready to fire. It will start again at 12:30 am. I think it reached peak around 10 am last time, so that works out well. I'm still trying to get a feel for what to do with the black brushwork. Like what is too much, and what is not enough. Plus just what feels right as far as design goes. Well that will do it for me. I am making a tasty pizza tonight. It is a cheese-less pizza, but that is partially because I have eaten so much cheese lately I need a break, and because the fresh mozzarella was 8 dollars for a pound which was out of my budget. The crust is made with sourdough-rosemary-olive oil dough that I made this morning, and is topped with sliced ugly tomato-which by the way, is the BEST tomato I have had in years, salt, pepper and olive oil. It promises to be tasty.


Linda Starr said...

Hi Deborah, ugly tomato, huh, is that a special variety I haven't heard of yet? sourdough rosemary - I'll be right over.

Last semester I got some of that CMC premixed in a pint and mixed a bit into small amounts of my already prepared glazes to use with the more difficult to dip or cover pieces and it worked out pretty well. I painted more than one coat on the pieces to get better coverage which takes much more time than dipping or pouring.

Your plate and jars look wonderful. I love the colors.

Judy Shreve said...

You did have a good firing. I love the plate! The tones of your colors really work well together & I also love your design composition. So there you go -- hard work does pay off!

Deborah Woods said...

Thanks Judy-I just hope that it's consistent and not a lucky firing. So much is dependent on how carefully I apply the glazes, which time will teach me.

I'll have to try the CMC Linda. I can't BELIEVE how much time it takes to glaze now. But I'm much happier with my pots.

You know, it cost me about 3.00 for that one tomato, but flavor-wise it was worth it. Check the tomato section. They are the ones that look horribly deformed-hence the name, ugly (or ugli) tomato.

Linda Starr said...

Right now I'm growing my own tomatoes, so I guess that's why I haven't looked in the tomato section at the grocery. I'll check it out.